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(includes first touchup session

4-6 wks after initial appoin.)

Microblading is a cutting edge, semi-permanent procedure, designed to enhance the eyebrows, creating the illusion of a perfectly shaped, full brow. Performed by a certified and licensed microblading artist. It is done by depositing pigment, by gently etching individual hair-like strokes into the epidermis (skin), using a one time use, disposable hand tool with a very fine blade, made up of micro-needles. Each stroke mimics your natural hair and the pattern the hair grows, creating the most realistic, natural microbladed eyebrows. 

The colour of pigment is carefully chosen to match the natural or desired eyebrow colour, taking into consideration the clients skin overtone and undertone. 

Results typically last 1-2 years and how fast it fades depends on the skin type, sun exposure, aftercare and skin care routine. 

A touch-up is recommended at 12-24 months, for a colour boost and to maintain the desired shape, for a longer period of time.

Best for those individuals with tight skin, small pores and normal to dry skin. 

Microblading is not recommended for individuals with large pores around the brow area or those that have oily skin.

Does microblading eyebrows hurt?

Many clients have said on a pain scale of 1-10, it feels like a 3. Similar feeling to plucking 3 hairs at once.This discomfort will only last the first pass and after that a topical anesthetic is applied and clients feel comfortable, many falling asleep.

What tool is used for microblading?

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To create extremely fine, natural looking hair-like strokes in the skin, Brows and Beauty by Laura, uses only the highest quality products. Creating the most beautiful eyebrows.

Microblading is done by using a one time use, disposable hand tool with a very fine blade, made up of micro-needles. This allows for precise, crisp strokes to be etched into the skin.

We are here to give you natural, beautiful eyebrows enhancing your beauty.

You will feel confident and absolutely gorgeous!

Best Microblading in Hamilton, Ontario

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