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Eyebrow Colour Correction &
Powder Brow Coverup


(includes first touchup session

4-6 wks after initial appoin.)

*Clients with pre-existing microblading or eyebrow tattooing.


Clients with old microblading or eyebrow tattoo, that has changed colour may require an eyebrow colour correction, followed by a powder brow coverup. This procedure is done by a shading technique of the eyebrows, using a permanent makeup machine. The process consists of two steps, first the machine deposits pigment that neautralizes the eyebrow colour and once this is done the second step, is to cover the eyebrow with a new powder brow.


*Before booking please send in photos of your eyebrows without makeup, to see if you're a good candidate for a eyebrow colour correction and powder brow coverup.

Not all previous work done by another artist can be fixed or covered, but instead may require removal.

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