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How are Microblading & Ombre/Power Brows done?

Microblading is a cutting edge, semi-permanent procedure, designed to enhance the eyebrows, creating the illusion of a perfectly shaped, full brow. Performed by a certified and licensed microblading artist. It is done by depositing pigment, by gently etching individual hair-like strokes into the epidermis (skin), using a one time use, disposable hand tool with a very fine blade, made up of micro-needles. Each stroke mimics your natural hair and the pattern the hair grows, creating the most realistic, natural looking eyebrow.

Best for those individuals with tight skin, small pores and normal to dry skin.

Microblading is not recommended for individuals with large pores around the brow area or those that have oily skin.

Ombre/Power Brows is a semi-permanent procedure, which is a shading technique of the eyebrows. It is done using a permanent makeup machine and one time use, disposable, single needle, that gently implants tiny dots of pigment into the skin. The result is a soft, powder effect of the brow. Depending on the clients desired look, a powder brow can be made as soft and natural or as bold and makeup like, as the client wishes.

Minimal trauma to the skin.

Less touch ups required.

Great for all skin types.


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