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What to expect at your first brow appointment!

A semi-permanent procedure (microblading, microshading & ombre/powder brow) consists of 2 appointments. The first is the initial appointment and the second is the touchup appointment.

The first (aka initial) appointment

Upon arrival to your first brow appointment for either microblading, microshading or ombre/powder brow, you will be greeted by Laura and welcomed into her studio suite.


The appointment begins with a consultation, to explain the process in its entirety and assess the clients eyebrows and skin tone. Laura will ask questions to understand the clients tastes and lifestyle, to create a custom brow that is just for her.

Before Photos

Once the brows have been cleaned, of any makeup or moisturizer, photos will be taken. It is important to arrive without makeup, to see the true skin tone. This is very important when choosing

the pigment colour.

Brow Creation

Each shape is custom to each client and is determined by the clients facial features and golden ratio. There are many tools used to measure and shape the clients brows to perfection. Keeping in mind brows are sisters, not twins!

Colour Match

The colour of pigment is chosen to match the clients natural brow hair, hair colour and skin tone.


Between Microblading and Ombre/Powder Brow, the

procedures are slightly different in the method at which it is done. Microblading uses a very fine blade that deposits pigment into the skin. Whereas Ombre/Powder Brow uses a machine with needle, that deposits tine dots into the superficial layer of skin. Microshading uses both of these methods.

After Photos

Once the brows are complete and the client has time to look over their new brows, photos will be taken.

Aftercare & Book Follow up Appointment

Each client receives an aftercare kit and instruction card to

care for their new brows. Laura will explain the aftercare in detail to the client. Lastly, the 8 week touchup appointment

is booked for the client.


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