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The 90's Brow Trend

As some of you may know, women in the 90's, including many of my clientele, wanted those thin brows. These were seen on many celebrities, to the likes of Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and many other stars.

So what did women do to get there brows to replicate this trend?

Well, they plucked and tweezed and plucked some more...till they too had the thin, barely there brows. What they weren't prepared for, was that many of those thin brows did not grow back! Fast forward to 2021, today women are spending there mornings in front of the mirror, trying to thicken and fill in their brows. After years of plucking them into the smallest, thinnest lines possible. If you are one of these women and have little to no brow hair, please save yourself the time, stress and money. Throw away your brow pencil and book an appointment! Get your brows done professionally at Brows and Beauty by Laura.


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