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I recently had a client ask me, how I create such beautifully, shaped eyebrows. So I thought to write a post, to share a little insight into the world of creating the brow shape!

In order to create the perfectly shaped, arched brow, I must first be equipped with the best tools. As well, I always ensure to take my time with each client when doing the predraw (aka brow mapping). It is crucial to create symmetrical brows that are customized to each clients facial structure, but keeping in mind, brows are sisters, not twins.

I do this by using the PhiBrows golden ratio compass, which calculates the shape of the eyebrows according to the clients facial morphology. I also use the PhiAcademy Measurement App, caliper, ruler, string and black wax pencil. Using all these tools together, allows me to measure, draw and create beautifully shaped brows for all my lovely clients!

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